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Whats cooking on Lufthansa? A look behind the scenes

Last year at Frankfurt Airport, around 90 tons of apples and 100 tons of bananas were prepared and sent on their way aboard Lufthansa flights.

Thus, in Frankfurt alone, Lufthansa served its guests on board with apples and bananas weighing as much as a complete jumbo jet (Boeing 747-400). Imagine that!

Here’s a sneak peek at Daily output at ”Gateway Gardens“, the LSG Sky Chefs facility in Frankfurt:

  • 77,000 menus for 53.000 passengers
  • 3,300 First and Business Class meals
  • 80,000 bread rolls
  • 36,000 portions of butter
  • 18.000 portions of camembert
  • 60 kilos king prawns
  • 500 bottles of champagne
  • 24,000 bottles of beer
  • 46,000 newspapers
  • 63,000 magazines

If you are travelling long-haul in First Class, Business Class or Premium Economy Class, you now have the opportunity to find out before departure which menus are being served on your flight. After entering your flight number and selecting your travel class, you can read the menu and start looking forward to the meals on your trip.

Check out Click here to see what Lufthansa are serving on your flight


Star Chef Thomas Bühner, Juli / August 2012, Interkont ex Deutschland


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