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Nonstop flights from Perth to London


Qantas to fly Perth to London, nonstop?

There has been a lot of media attention, particularly in the last few months, regarding the possible introduction of nonstop flights from Perth to London, which has generated some enquires to our office.


Qantas have publically stated that:

    • They have 8 x 787-9 Dreamliners on order
    • They expect to take delivery of the first aircraft in November 2017, with a further 3 aircraft to arrive by June 2018.  An additional 4 aircraft will join the fleet by June 2019.  Further aircraft options also exist
    • The Dreamliner will “open up a range of potential new city pairs”
    • The first Qantas Dreamliner flights will be open for sale by this Christmas, on existing (International) routes, with other international destinations  for the Dreamliner confirmed shortly afterwards
    • The aircraft will have Luxury Suites in Business Class.  Economy seats will have more room and better entertainment options, and there will be a “revolutionary Premium Economy Class”
    • Qantas and Tourism WA have recently signed a three year $7.2 million deal to jointly promote travel to Western Australia both domestically and internationally
    • Qantas will work with its team of internal experts – and external designers, including Marc Newson and University sleep experts to develop world leading cabin interiors for the new Dreamliner.  this will add to the aircraft’s unique features, including improved cabin pressure, larger windows and technology to reduce turbulence


Given that, we feel the nonstop flight will indeed become a reality, because:

    • It is a huge point of difference over every other airline that offers flights from Perth to London, in that this flight would be nonstop!  Flying nonstop avoids all the heartache and stress associated with airports – queues, security and potential for delays and/or missed connections
    • The Kangaroo Route is at the heart of Qantas’ identity and London remains one of their most important destinations
    • A transit in Perth (in lieu of the current transit at Dubai) would be preferable for some passengers that join the aircraft in Sydney (or Melbourne) where the flight  would originate
    • The 787-9 Dreamliner has a range of just over 9,500 miles, which allows for a Perth-London nonstop flight at around 9,000 miles.  The actual round would depend on upper level winds, but typically the aircraft would route over the Indian Ocean to India, then towards the Black Sea and Germany, before landing at London Heathrow
    • Connections would be available from ports within Western Australia along with cities such as Adelaide and Melbourne.  Likewise, upon arrival at London, onward connections with Qantas’ Oneworld partner, British Airways would be available
    • The United Kingdom is ranked around number 3 for departures/arrivals to/from Australia
    • Perth Airport will have upgraded their landing system (Category III) by early 2018, which allows for landing and take-off in lower visibility conditions.  This will reduce the requirements of aircraft needing to carry extra fuel for diversion in case of bad weather


Our Perth to London nonstop predictions (just for a bit of fun) are:

    • Flights will be announced in January 2017
    • Flights will go on sale in April 2017
    • Flights to commence operations in March 2018
    • The aircraft would originate in Sydney (or possibly Melbourne), transit Perth and then fly nonstop to London Heathrow.  Possible departure/arrival times would be:

Depart Sydney 1630 hrs – Arrive Perth 1930 hrs

Depart Perth 2100 hrs, arriving London 0700 hrs the next day

Depart London 12 noon – Arrive Perth 1300 hrs the next day

Depart Perth at 1500 hrs, arriving Sydney at 2100 hrs

    • The Sydney to Dubai A380 flight would terminate in Dubai, with passengers taking onward connections with partner airline, Emirates


If you want to be part of aviation history and be on board the first nonstop flight from Perth to London, then ‘like’ our Facebook page and register your interest with aircraft enthusiast Luke tel:93875822 or email


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